" Datahold offer much more than your average bureau. - They work on the best solution for you, not the best way for you to fit their solution.

They are very experienced with handling large volumes of data which proved invaluable for the migration of our databases from the previous supplier.

I believe their service guarantee is unique in the industry, and proves the care and confidence they have in the work they do. Also in our business, where turnaround times are critical, their 24/7 service has helped stop many situations becoming problems.

All in all they would get a 'Best Value' recommendation."

" We have been working with Datahold for several years and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.

They have consistently impressed us with their level of understanding and service levels.

Their extremely competitive prices have provided us with significant savings. "

" We have been a customer of Datahold for a number of years and during that period we have found that they have provided high levels of data accuracy and customer service.

Projects are well managed and they have consistently delivered according to schedule and budget. We value the relationship with Datahold and the benefits they provide our organisation. "

" On a recent visit to Datahold’s offices in the Philippines I was very impressed with both the modern offices and the professionalism of the staff.

We have worked with Datahold for the past decade and we have come to know that the knowledge, experience and dedication of its employees are second to none. "

" The Merge Purge service provided by Datahold delivered what they said it would - quality, quick turnaround at a great price.

The comprehensive project reports provide an in depth audit of all input lists and are useful for planning future purchases in addition to being an easy reference for net names agreements and similar.
We would not hesitate in recommending Datahold to any of our clients. "
" At first off-shore data processing was something we were sceptical about, but having tested the services, we are very happy to say it was a very astute commercial decision to make. "
" We enjoy working with Datahold. Any project we ask them to undertake is correct, on-time and saves us money. Being off-shore only improves on the offering they are making. "
" We have used Datahold since 2001 on a contractual basis for web based document editing.

The 24/7 service means that our client submissions can be received at anytime and the processing completed by the next day.

The quality of service Datahold provide has given us a supplier that we can depend upon. "


" Datahold has provided excellent service, quality and speed.

We have found their rates to be very cost effective and would not hesitate to recommend their services. "

" We were looking to move from our existing bureau and were approached by Datahold with their offshore solution, at first we were unsure but after reviewing all their procedures and protocols, we felt assured that they could provide the service we required.

We can confirm that the cost efficiencies, level and quality of service are excellent and they are very helpful offering lots of guidance and advice.

They are by far one of the best suppliers I have ever worked with. "
"We do not directly name our clients. This is due to the increase in web-based contact from spurious companies however, we will happily share client names and references with you directly."