A company specialising in pharmaceutical information on the internet were experiencing problems in recruiting, training and most importantly retaining qualified pharmacists to undertake proof reading of documents prior to publication on the internet.

The sensitivity of the information meant only qualified pharmacists could undertake the task but retaining professional people in a role which was not utilising all their skills meant an inevitable high turnover of staff.

In addition, there were special projects which required additional personnel for proof reading but only on a short term basis.

To undertake the recruitment and training of pharmacists in the Philippines who met the criteria of having internationally recognised qualifications.

The recruitment process involved a rigorous selection process ensuring that all personnel recruited would not only provide the desired accuracy levels but also commitment and continuity.

a)  Significant reduction in management time previously spent recruiting and training personnel.
b)  Quality assurances backed up by a Service Level Agreement.
c)  Cost savings.
d)  Management time savings have provided greater time to focus on developing new services.
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