A travel company offering luxury holidays in three continents wanted to increase the level of repeat bookings.

Whilst information on bookings was held there was no clear insight into the current customers and their purchasing habits.

Communication activity, whilst recorded, was not consolidated and provided little intuitive information.

All available data was consolidated and a SCV database created.

The database held consolidated purchase and communication history at both individual and family level.

The existing data was further enhanced via profiling against external data sources.

By undertaking extensive analysis all existing customers were segmented and predictive models built.

The results of profiling and analysis was the key discriminator in deciding what communications were sent to customers.

Response from campaigns were then fed back into the analysis for fine tuning of the predictive models.

a)  Insight into current customers substantially increased.
b)  Key characteristics of best prospects defined.
c)  Overall reduction in communication costs.
d)  40% increase in repeat bookings.
"We do not directly name our clients. This is due to the increase in web-based contact from spurious companies however, we will happily share client names and references with you directly."