A DM consultancy undertaking an average of five DM campaigns per month had been using a large well established bureau for all their Merge Purges but had concluded that costs, when compared to other suppliers, were excessive.

A decision was taken to use a smaller bureau who offered the same service but for just 30% of the cost of the incumbent supplier.

Whilst costs savings were achieved the problem was the small bureau had insufficient personnel to provide the required turnaround and more importantly for handling queries and changes to specifications.

Our fully white labelled Merge Purge service which has been developed over many years and been benchmarked by one of the UK’s leading consumer data processing companies.

Account management team that provide a guaranteed response to communications within one hour, 24/7.

The unique advantage we enjoy means our prices are less than even small suppliers.

a)  All reports white labelled.
b)  Cost savings realised.
c)  Quality ensured.
d)  Greater flexibility to accommodate changes and revisions on jobs.
e) Project turnaround times reduced.
"We do not directly name our clients. This is due to the increase in web-based contact from spurious companies however, we will happily share client names and references with you directly."