A major overseas aid charity, the client (TC) had a database of approx 250,000 records.

Whilst they knew it required cleaning they were unsure exactly where to start but their main objective was to reactivate lapsed donors.

Simply running the data against suppression files was deemed a clumsy approach and ultimately would not deliver what was needed.

Using our comprehensive suite of name and address software, before running against any suppression files, we undertook the following:

1.  Recognise and flag any non residential (Business) names/addresses.
2.  Recognise and flag any non UK addresses.
3.  Improve addresses using PAF but retain Preferred Addresses and flag accordingly.
4.  De-duplicate records at Individual and Family level.

Once all the above steps were completed the database was consolidated and flagged accordingly.

At this point the lapsed UK donors who were deemed 'medium' to 'high' worth were identified.

1.  Gone Away - moved to another address that is unknown.
2.  Same person but two addresses - In these cases LDs had not lapsed but simply failed to advise their new address.
3.  Deceased.
No longer interested in supporting the charity.

1.  Search for new address using Royal Mail National Change of Address and Equifax Reconnect.
2.  Assuming a new address has been found, this was then checked against the existing Donor Database (DD) to establish if there was already the same person but at two addresses.
3.  If found on the DD then the records were updated and consolidated accordingly.
If new address details did not match, then the DD was updated accordingly with new address details and the reactivated donor included in the next campaign.
5.  If no new address found then we contacted the household using telephone number held by TC.
6.  If TC had no telephone number then DH, wherever possible, procured obviously excluding any TPS matches.
7.  We then undertook outbound telephone calls, attempting to contact the LD and ascertain:
  •  If they have moved;
  •  Get new address.
Depending on information received via the calling the DD was updated accordingly and included in the next campaign.
1.  Checked against The Bereavement Register and Mortascreen to see if the LD has recently died.
2.  Where confirmed as Deceased then we checked against the DD for partner record and updated the DD accordingly.
a)  A completely refreshed database that could be used for more intuitive correspondence e.g.sending B2B correspondence only to businesses and vice versa for B2C.
b)  Reactivation of 'medium' and high' value lapsed donors.
c)  Increased donations from campaigns.

"We do not directly name our clients. This is due to the increase in web-based contact from spurious companies however, we will happily share client names and references with you directly."