A leading list broker, the client (TC) with in excess of 100 mailing lists approached Datahold for a solution.

Whilst their lists needed to be maintained and updated separately a new database was required that encompassed all lists but allowed for detailed selections and orders across the universe of data whilst still being able to access and interrogate the individual lists.

In addition they wanted to substantially decrease turnaround times for Orders with a maximum of 24 hours.

By coupling the substantial personnel at our data centre along with the knowledge gained from handling large databases with multiple feeds we were able to develop a fully automated individual and multi list updating system.

The reporting techniques utilised provide TC with a comprehensive audit trail for each list and the overall database.

For Count and Order request an easy to use Count and Order request template that could be electronically transmitted was created.

A production team backed up by QC resource working 24/7 dedicated to TC meant the turnaround times could be guaranteed.

a)  Greater volume of data to select and output.
b)  Guaranteed t/a for Orders of 24 hours. With 95% of Orders being dispatched before 9 a.m. the next Working Day - 12 hour t/a.
c)  Have since provided online access to all data for TC to run their own counts where they prefer
d)  Since working with TC more than 3,000 Orders have all been output correctly, no re-runs.
"We do not directly name our clients. This is due to the increase in web-based contact from spurious companies however, we will happily share client names and references with you directly."